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Updating Alter's Residence

Location: Douglas Lane in Clinton,AR. The house was orignally built by Mr. Ingram in 1960 as a vacation cabin. Five years ago, 4 more rooms where added to the house and the attic was remodeled for a bedroom.  Ms. Alters who rents the house said that she has heard footsteps upstairs and her little girl has been talking to someone behind the staircase. Upon the interview with Ms. Alters, she said the she has had visitors at her residence and they said that they had woke up in the night cold and could not breathe. One visitor had been taunting the spirits and he woke up later during the night choking on his own blood and was having trouble breathing. After he left the residence he was fine. 

Ms. Alter's had contacted Team Member Billy VanHoak via a mutual friend. Upon first interview, Ms. Alters stated that she and other people that had visited her home had experinced some strange events. At least 4 people have been flicked out of a chair in the dining room. Two that had stayed over night had experienced waking up and unable to breathe one of which was choking on their own blood. Ms. Alter's had experienced her  4yr old daughter talking to someone upstairs and several people have heard footsteps upstairs when no one was upstairs. Ms. Alters had been told that sometime in the 1980's that a man died in the house of which we are checking into. Ms. Alters also told us that The Ingrams who had orginal built the cabin in 1960 had lost a daughter.

On 5/3/08, we proceeded with investigation. Upon entering the residence the clothes dryer was running and there was a noticeable odor of old makeup. I had a  another team member called Ms. Alters to see if she had stop by her residence. Ms. Alters stated that she had left that morning at 7:30am and had not been there since. I asked if she left the dryer on? She stated that she had not done laundry for a few days. When checking the dryer, it was in the off position and running. We continued with the investigation moving to the upstairs of where it was stated the most activity occurs. EMF meter readings normal, video cameras recording along with digital recorder and GE cassette recorder. We stayed in this part of the residence for about 30mins. We decided to leave recorders going as we checked out the downstairs. We had been downstairs for about 15mins. when Kelly and I heard water running. We preceeded to the kitchen and bathroom but nothing was on. Continuing to video, we entered the master bedroom. As we were video taping, we heard footsteps going across the floor and then ask if there was anyone that wanted to make contact with us.  We got nothing. Continuing on in the master bedroom the video camera started to malfunction, I ask Billy to step back out of the bedroom with camcorder still running after a couple of seconds it was fine. EMF meter never wavered from normal readings. At 1:47 am we decided to end the investigation and collect the recorders from upstairs. After reviewing the video tape and the recorders. We saw on video in master bedroom a dancing orb and parts of the video that had blurred as if something was trying to cover the lense. We got (2) good EVPs, one of which was a small child saying Mommy and that other of a man, of which I will get loaded on ASAP. See pictures from this investigation on photo page. 


The Alter's Residence