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The House

Continued from homepage story.....As I said, after the house became a family residence many things started happening.  Doors would close for no apparent reason, there was two cold spots in the house. The mother had a feeling of unwelcome in the house. And much more. So, a couple of members and myself went to check the place out.  We arrived about 4:30pm and on entry of the house I felt an unrest. As we toured the house I asked the owner not to tell us anything unless we ask.  After the tour, we set a time and date to come back and shoot video and take pictures. I didn't tell the rest of the group much about the house just so we could get pure insight of what they thought. It was set. Go to the photo page and make your own decisions. 

The 1st Cemetary

This outing took place back in November of last year. It was one of the first cemetaries that we had done. I had been told about the ghostly images that had been seen. I check it out during daylight hours and found that some of the head stones dated back to the 1800's. It was also very secluded. So I set time and date of which to return to get video and take some pictures. It was on a calm November night with a half moon beaming down and 12:15am. Our group of six was armed with digital and 35mm cameras and two cams. As we broke up into pairs, each group started at a corner and one group down the center.  At one point, I felt a cold spot of which I called my parnter to come closer. I started taking pictures with digital camera. Nothing on the first to shots and then there it was. Called my parnter again and take a look at which he felt something cold on his arm. He and I started taken more pictures and about the fourth picture our cameras went dead.  We changed batteries and still the cameras would not work.  After which, a couple members of the team got really spooked and we decided to stop at that point.  After reviewing the pictures, we knew that we had really got something.  Check out photo page to view pictures and you can make your decisions.

The 2nd Cemetary

One of our members and some friends had been fishing and as they were leaving, they past a dirt road and they could not believe what they saw. So, they told the group about it and we decided to check it out. So, two days later we did and It was about 5:30pm. It had rain most of the day and wasn't sure if we could even get back to it. The road was soaked with rain and didn't want to take the chance of getting our cars stuck in the mud. So, we set out on foot. We got one good picture and had planned on going back that evening but was rained out. Hoping to go back another time. Go to the photo page and see for yourself. Will keep you updated.

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