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Here we will explain some of ours and others theories and the basics of paranormal research. We welcome any comments or ideas. Feel free to sign our guestbook and leave your comments. Thanks.

First, let me just say that our group is not here to prove whether there are or aren't ghosts amoung us. Only to show our research and to provide you the viewer a scientific veiw as well as those theories of the believers and non-believers.

Usually when scientists debunk ghosts, they will say that there is no scientific proof. But in fact that most paranormal researchers use scientific equipment to obtain information of paranormal activity. And even science has its own theories of things that happen beyond what we know and/or can see. Some of the equipment used are EMF Meters (electromagnetic field meters), everything gives off some source of electromagnetic field. Thermometer, to quickly detect temperature changes. Compass, it will react to magnetic and  electrical stimulus that is out of the ordinary. Video Camera,digital or 35mm camera, voice recorder, flashlights and extra batteries and pens and paper for taking notes. Before any investigation always check out to site during the daylight before going back out at night. You don't want anyone to get hurt due to obstacles. And most important DON'T GO ALONE.

I'll first start with the scientific approach. There are two scientist that were believers of life after death Albert Einstein (1879-1955) and Thomas Edison (1847-1931). Albert Einstein was one of the greatest minds of this world. He taught energy could not be destroyed. That it only changes from one form to another. He discover that the human body puts off both chemical and electrical energy. That we are organic and designed to carry electral impulses to our brain and nervious system. Check out Einstein biography and his theories at I believe that you will find some very interesting reads. But, don't take my word on it for as any researcher knows, listen, read and read more but, do the research yourself. Now on to Thomas Edison. Here's one of the many websites I found  Edison was a genius and ahead of his time. He invented light bulb, phonograph, typewriter, and the electric motor along with over 1000 other inventions. There was a sercet project that he supposely worked on but unfortunatly didn't complete it before his death. Do you know what it was ? He believed that the soul was made up of what he referred to as life units. These life units could rearrange into any form. As we talk about these men ahead of their time, many called them crazy, but were they really?